New York

Whatever the reason, if I had a gun to my head, I spent about an hour a day on the computer and the remaining 7 hours calling, talking to your partner. Why are those who can hire you. 2) Do only what works. Dump the rest. Last week I received an email from an angry man in New York has been unemployed for almost a year. a l wrote: "I sent 430 resumes and received only one interview since September last year!" To which I might have replied: "Why wait almost a year and 430 resumes to bring this to my attention?" Do more than 400 times and expect the results to improve the qualify of a sudden, I think, the mild dementia. It is what can happen when you lose sight of what is really trying to accomplish in your job search. Want to send as many resumes as possible, or you want to be hired as soon as possible? If this is your goal, then you should analyze what you are doing at least once a week.

Having a real meeting with yourself. Sit down with a paper towel and ask yourself these three questions: 1) What am I doing that is producing tracks work? Doing more than that. 2) What am I doing that is NOT occur? Change or quit. 3) What I do now? Plan your week so you can do more than what's working. Note: When you analyze what you are doing, assume nothing and look at everything: your resume, cover letters, how to answer the telephone, voice mail message, how to proceed with employers, etc.