MRP Software

IScala the Epicor Software Corporation offers a new version of the software package. FRANKFURT AM MAIN May 14, 2008. The Epicor Software Corporation now offers a new version of the integrated enterprise resource planning-(ERP), customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) software package iScala. They further modules for production control or for the management of finance and equipment leasing contracts as well as new features added solution supports in addition to the already existing languages now also Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Danish. There are also specific localizations available on the Latin American market. Thus, the current version of iScala is ideal for businesses across the group with customers, suppliers, sister companies or other partners working together and attach importance to the operation of a single software system.

The development of iScala modelled expressed closely on the by our global customers Requirements. First the software used by them around the globe can be inserted and thus follow their expansion. In addition, they want applications, with which they can improve their operations and which is characterised by easy handling. \”This satisfies the iScala 2.3 SR1: the new version is available in numerous locations and enables the world’s most popular running processes to streamline\”, says Adam Prince, Senior Director of product marketing, Epicor. \”The new modules and features advanced software module for the production on lean techniques\”-based advanced software module for the production with numerous new features waiting that multipart processes in production environments can be optimally controlled. This is particularly true when the production of goods in different factories at different locations. The MRP (material requirement planning or MRP short) can significantly faster and almost in real time does are. For this purpose the rolling principle of net change is supported and combined with a flexible MRP calculation, it runs on one or more set assigned to this task servers. Users can schedule the material requirements in less time, without that this affects the operation of other applications and their performance.