Modern Nacho

I was fortunate recently to chat with four young, Anna, Neus, Judit and Nacho, Artesa de Segre, aged between 16 and 17 years old. Interested among other things in design, marketing, advertising and science. I wanted to know that things love having in their rooms; colors, furniture, decor talk turned out very productive, and although definitive conclusions on youth trends, can not be removed since the study should be more broad, especially in terms of age and territory, if that was interesting to learn about tastes in terms of decoration and furniture of the rooms. We are going with questions: when your friends see your room, the first thing they say is: Neus Neus: Normal, as all Nacho: like it, I have it decorated as my I like, not as to my parents, I have Ferrari cars, the red, some poster. It is my space. Disorder during the week and order when people come. That you like that you have in your room? Judit: Modern furniture, pictures of a city, cushions or a large cushion, although I still don’t but I would like to have it.

Few furniture and well combined. As for colors, I really like white, black, red… Anna: I like the simple room and that is what I like, in my case I like white or light colors, and simple. I don’t like heavily loaded. Here, NYC Mayor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Neus: To my I like the lilac, with light-colored furniture that occupy the least, to have more space. Nacho.

I not my I like the room magazine, catalog, which becomes charged, charged well enough. With things that I represent to my. As you decorarias the walls? Judit: A big city poster…New York. Neus Neus’s room: My Rome, I like, I would like to have the Colosseum on a wall. Read additional details here: Danny Meyer. Nacho: I have posters of Ferrari, I have a poster of football. I would like to paint the coat of arms of Ferrari on the wall. It is something that is still pending. Anna: I like very simple, but as has been said Judit, with some picture of New York, for an elegant touch. About your bed who is there? A lot of stuffed monkeys? comfortable cushions? Any quilt with some special drawing? Nacho: cushions. I have two blankets, a Tejano and other white, when I change them are different rooms. Judith: I have cushions of different colors, and a white bedspread and thus emphasize the cushions. Anna Anna: I also have a cushion that stands out for a touch. Your room reveals something about your past? Judit: mostly photos, some of the friends of the summer, some mural with several photos. Nacho: Some images of travel. I have a collage of Venice, Rome. Anna: I also have a collage with friends, I have some photo when it was small. Neus: To my like to do collages mixing different periods. For you, your fourth represents: Anna: the place where I have everything, where he spent more hours a day. My space. Neus: Your House apart. Only missing the fridge. Nacho: For me it is my refuge, my house. All. Judith: My space. To give a personal touch to your room you add? Judit: As I said before, large cushions, or a sofa that are like a hand.