MLM Multilevel Marketing

It is very logical that if you manage to create a large organization of distributors or affiliates. have the possibility to achieve significant income in your MLM business. Now, the question is, how can we create a successful team working? We must understand that not all members of the business people will be willing to work at the same pace as us, it is therefore important than having more close to you a group of people with at least the same vision and willingness to work than you. This group of people is what John C. Maxwell called your “Inner Circle” Can we choose a profile of people in our inner circle, the answer is Yes. It is not easy, sometimes we go wrong, but I think it’s possible and here are some guidelines that we follow to find those people who identify as Maxwell says our potential as leaders.

Investigate its history .- We must begin to know a little about his past, they’ve done, they came from, that experience is. Check your personal interest .- A person who shows interest to you and what you do is a good prospect, but be careful, because many people can and will feign interest. Here is where experience on your part will be important to identify when a prospect shows interest in real or is only pretending. Look at the responses of your Prospectus .- The responses show a lot of personal philosophy of a prospectus, for example, if you tell your affiliate, that there is training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and your answer is “Is it necessary to come three days week?? “… it shows much of your thinking and you should be careful because it might not be a good prospect. Check and notes the reactions of your prospects to identify potential flaws in his personal philosophy. Check Results .- Of what is this all about results, so if your affiliate has a good track record, shows interest, has the right philosophy and also has results, ie Recruit & Sells, congratulations you have found a Diamond.