Madonna Goes Against Alleged Payments To Her Ex-husband

Madonna is contrary to the accusations, but her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, money paid to have it was already before the divorce wild speculation, the summer will be as high, almost Madonna married Guy Ritchie for his eight years could collect. But after the official divorce is that guy got nothing at all or didn’t want anything become known. Many could not believe that and stayed still without a doubt. The rumors were hard and also this week he showed up as one. Guy Ritchie should have supposedly now money. More specifically 76 million US dollars.

But Madonna will not let stand that. “This statement is not correct. We have in our divorce mention still agreed on any details. Therefore, these allegations are absolutely not real. We have made a decision and we are both very happy with this agreement “, as Madonna.

Both have a son Rocco. Since stir up rumors that Guy Ritchie wants to keep his son in London is again, Madonna but wants to take him to New York. Da is also a statement to give it anyway. Lisa Walters