Lose Weight

France – a country of fine cuisine, slender women and high fashion. On the delights of French cuisine in this country were legendary. We always speak with respect about it, considering it the best. But to be honest, this is more a tribute fashion. At the time of Peter I's preference throughout the German and Dutch. Later, somewhere in the middle of the XVIII century Russian aristocracy was fascinated by France.

The spirit of this country entered the minds of Russian people. Liberty, equality and fraternity – a long time left in us. And delicious food and beautiful clothes. Food. Every country has its own traditions and their traditional dishes. In the West, Russia in the first place, is associated with caviar and vodka. But France, for example, with frogs paws.

In many countries, the French are called "splash." But, let's talk about food. French cuisine – it's refinement and sophistication. And – something completely forgotten that the majority of dishes that are now delicacies on were born out of poverty. The famous foie gras (duck liver dish) Escargot (snails dish) and fried frogs legs – originate from the most difficult times of hunger and poverty of the French people. If you look for these products through the eyes of modern nutrition, they can rightfully be considered valuable dietary products. They a lot of protein and almost no fat. With regular eating snails and frogs' legs, "how lose weight? "- will disappear by itself. Because eating these foods better, it will be difficult. However, not everyone is able to digest their stomach. In particular this applies to people with low acidity and ulcer ulcers. So that all who wish to lose this wonderful and rich in all sorts of delights ochenb cuisine will obviously taste.