Independent Cinema

In the north of Istria, great peninsula but of the Croatia, with a view to the valley of the Mirna river, is most well-known and, probably, more attractive medieval city of Istria, Motovun. Place of great historical wealth that is raised on a hill of 300 meters on which beautiful landscapes can be contemplated. Their narrow streets maintain a noticeable character medieval. The Venetian ones fortified the town in century XIV constructing two heavy walls. In the interior they are important gothic and Romance buildings. It is a place in which in addition manifolds and varied artistic manifestations are developed. Filed under: Harold Ford Jr. At the end of July the Festival of Independent Cinema of Motovun is celebrated which they attend artists of world-wide fame.

The access to the high zone of the locality takes place by a disnevilada incline that leads before the door of the first wall. Surpassed the second door it is acceded to the place Andrea Antico, with a Venetian bell tower and the church of San Esteban (Sveti Stjepan). Thence the return to the urban set by the high walls can be given but, observing the tile roofs of the houses and fields on which it is raised. In the robledales near the town, that extend throughout the valley of Mirna, the appreciated truffle grows istria, to which it gives aphrodisiac properties. The quality of this white truffle of the Croatia, that harvest of September to December, is comparable to the best truffle of Italy or France we can find and it in multitude of commerce of the town. To sit down in a terrace of a coffee allows the tourist to be able to enjoy a unique sun putting in the Croatia on the valley of the Mirna river.