Hotel Administration

Jack wants to become chef of a day and probably it is going to do light work, whereas Jill – studying hard to be accepted in the distinguished School of the University Cornell de Hotel Administracin of years from now on – faces a practice of management in the office of the venerable Oyster Jack House in Albany, New York, founded on 1913 by its great-grandfather. But Brian Wright and his three brothers, Brett, Brad and Mackenzie, is leaving of business of their father restaurant to begin their own account. Having grown and worked from the childhood in six units of their father of the tax exemption of McDonald in center of Florida – 3BM Casselberry, a company called in code for the four brothers – the children have themselves it jeopardize to the opening of seven offices franchise-holders of count of informal fast meals Sandwich of the chain with the blessing of their father. Article recommended by Albacete.