Healthy Stomach

Surely you’ve heard much about people who staple the stomach to lose weight, you want to know about what these people do? Here I bring you the basic information about this type of surgery so that you’re perhaps a little more informed, and you decide to do you the surgery. It is called stapling of stomach surgery of the gastric sleeve and that makes a division in your stomach stapled so as stapling-, with the division of the stomach is accomplished reduce by 85 percent the size of your stomach; you have to know that it is completely safe, so don’t worry about anything. To staple your stomach is made smaller portion is that receive food, and taking less space you’re going to fill much faster, so you will no longer eat large quantities of food before you eat and you will begin to lose weight immediately. The gastric sleeve you will be accustomed to eating better, because as you will eat less you have tried eating healthy poderte filled healthy, the best thing is that after perform you this surgery you go with a nutritionist but is that the doctor that you operated offers it – for that you of a healthy eating plan..