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Ratings and test – a real help in the selection of the appropriate private health insurance? Who does not know that. Just when one is looking for a new product, be rolled magazines, read tests and ratings and you need the “test winner” of course for themselves. The search for the right product, especially with such a complex and long-lasting products like private health insurance (car), a hedge against disability or private pensions is hard enough. Fitch Headquarters New York, photo: Sven Hennig there are tens various credit rating agencies, magazines and reviews. To come yet “user test” in review sites on the Internet and various other “well-intentioned advice.

Why should I choose because not the winner? It is not said that the winner should not be elected. Only flat rate to rely on one test winner is wrong. The question is however not “who was test winner?” but “Who fits my needs the best!” In the private health insurance (PKV) is the protection and the need for so different, that a blanket statement can be wrong after test WINS. A test of tariffs or even the quality of service by companies is not begin meaningful. How a journalist can do, what you need, what needs you have and what you care about is? Also in the disability insurance, it is, if not quite as extreme. The criteria in the disability insurance are not as extensive, but at least as important. Unlike in the private health insurance (PKV) where still to cope with gaps in insurance coverage are (since they refer to often only a snippet), means a bad condition work in the disability simply no pension payment.

Note that do unfortunately only paid when it is too late. A correction that is no longer possible. But the insurer XY is poorly evaluated in the Internet, why I should assure me there? Imagine a (difficult) customers suffer before.