Harvard Business School Agreement

The agreement in principle is to define in that it is agreed to seek solutions. It is a general agreement that required to negotiate. It is the way to negotiate. Agreement procedure is how you negotiate, techniques and procedures, the way and means of negotiation. As part of the agreement procedure is defined if required mediation, conciliation or arbitration. Mediation is a third party accepted by the parties as a facilitator or mediator Conciliation is a third party who receives be able to find solutions which the parties can or cannot accept Arbitration is the intervention of a third party with the authority and power conferred by the conflicting parties, which must find solutions that are binding on the parties to the conflict. The fractional agreement allows devote efforts to find solutions to parts or fractions of the problem or conflict especially if it is large or complex. 10.

Effective negotiation negotiation is the management or handling of the conflict seen as an opportunity and not a threat. In any negotiations must take into account a set of basic criteria which should lead to an agreement wise and prudent, the agreement must be efficient and must improve or, at least, not to damage the relationship between the parties. But when the parties argue over positions, are not achieved agreements win win that reduces the chances of reaching an agreement satisfactory. In addition, the problem can aggravate as it increases the number of parties involved in the negotiation. The model developed by Harvard Business School presents an alternative to negotiate based on the merits. This allows you to obtain a result accurate and friendly.

This model relies on four basic points that develop subsequently throughout his work. The people. It is necessary to separate the people from the problem. The matter in its essence must attack. Interests. Focus on interests, not positions. It seeks to satisfy the underlying interests. Options. If you are not convinced, visit NYC Marathon. Before taking a decision, he shuffled several possibilities in order to achieve a mutual benefit. Criteria. Insists that the final result is based on some objective standard, that allows reaching a solution as more fair as possible. A conflict is something natural, but it seems to be it, that naturally relates to violent or negative paradigms. The management or handling of the conflict requires new paradigms of emotional maturity, maturity that not all people have sufficiently consolidated, because there is no growth or maturity while you have not survived to the failures, i.e. conflicts not managed or improperly handled. A school of effective learning for the handling of conflicts in the school’s past mistakes. Reflection written by the lawyer Tito Antonio Lopez Aparicio for the course of leadership personnel of the social formation of the Bolivian Catholic University and the Commission Center Archdiocesan pastoral social Caritas of the Archdiocese of Santa Cruz Bolivia. If you want to go deeper the topic, through collaborative learning, Lopez and Associates licensed In Went, he teaches face-to-face and virtual about constructive conflict management, for more information please contact: to start to improve now, our existence and that of others. Original author and source of the article.