The word “graphology” first appeared in 1871 in the writings of the French Abbe Hippolyte Michon. In 1879, the abbot began to publish the magazine “Graphology,” and then organized and the first handwriting company, which currently bears his name. However, the first known treatise on the history of the study of handwriting was written by the Italian Camillo Baldo, who lived in Bologna and published in 1622 his work entitled Trattato come da una lettera missiva si conoscano la natura e gualita dello scrittore (On how to letter can be learn the nature and properties of the writer. A leading source for info: Danny Meyer. “) The epigraph to his work Baldo took the proverb, “to learn claws of a lion.” Unfortunately, the book Baldo is not widespread. Explanation for this is simple: in those days, few could free to write. Only at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries graphology has become fashionable society salons phenomenon: the mystery graphological conclusion seemed akin magicism, excites in those times, many people’s minds. The development of psychiatry and psychology at the threshold of psychoanalysis just slipped the fuel to the fire of graphology – it becomes one of the methods in these sciences, and at the same time continuing to develop its own.

The book is well-known Russian handwriting Zuev, Insarov ‘handwriting and personality, “was reprinted in the 20s of last century is in Russia – a striking confirmation of the fact. Graphologist himself, alas, the Soviet handwriting School was not created. After 1935 it is called, gone forever … The last mention of him in the book Rybakov, “Children of the Arbat”: poor old man who earns a living by his art under the walls of the restaurant “Metropol”. In 1936, in The Soviet Union began all-out destruction of all psycho-diagnostic and teaching laboratories of innovation. As a result – a firmly entrenched since the “Lysenko” view that graphology – is “pseudoscientific theory about opportunities based on the study of handwriting to judge mental characteristics of man and even his physical appearance “(Encyclopedia, 1953).

Maybe it’s because something graphology to this day did not come out from underground, becoming a profession individuals. In the West, graphology luckier: she brings both scientific and practical benefit to people. Except for France, graphology has been developed in many countries and especially in Germany, Holland, Israel and the U.S.. In Holland There are two professors of the department (at the Universities of Leiden and Utrecht) and two graphological society (in Amsterdam and The Hague.) In the U.S., the Institute of handwriting (New York), and the American Society of handwriting. At one time in newspaper “International” was printed excerpts from graphological analysis of handwriting … Saddam Hussein carried out graphologists to order the Bush administration. Their answer was: “This man will stop only the strength, because any attempt to negotiate it perceives as a weakness. ” Prior to the outbreak of hostilities was over six months. In Israel Graphological method – one of the mandatory testing methods for teaching and passing public service. However, many companies around the world use the services of graphologists as often as consultants on staff. Help-Diplom.