French National Convention

Bulls can not stand the color red. In fact, the bulls practically not distinguish colors. Therefore, they respond to red color in the same way as the green or blue, then there is no way. Some zoologists believe that tease the bull would be better to white cloth. Motley costume, banderillas, torrero coats – all of this excites the public more than a bull. On Irritating to the bull that someone hurts him, and even waving something under his nose. In a healthy body, healthy spirit.

The Roman poet Juvenal's words 'Mens sana in corpore sano' is often translated as 'a healthy body – healthy mind'. Generations Europeans brought under the trumpets of the military and athletic appeal. In fact, Juvenal had in mind something quite different. In his satires, which are taken from these lines, he writes: 'Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano'. In translation: "We would like to healthy body, there was also a healthy mind. " That is before us is not a hymn of praise trained body, but rather a question of the cult of physical culture. Translated into the language of today Juvenal probably would have said: "If bodybuilding at the same time developed brain! " The word 'vandalism' is derived from the vandals who destroyed all the blind fury to the ground.

The Vandals were not vandals. In any case, a tribe of Germans who during the great migration of peoples has come a long way from Silesia and western Poland, through Europe to North Africa, has left for posterity a special memory of 'vandalism'. And when the Vandals settled in North Africa and from there made a trip to Rome, then during the looting of Rome, they were acting on the then-concepts, it is 'within': they have not destroyed the city walls, not staged a massacre (the city surrendered almost without a fight). Vandals have taken everything with them that was not screwed and nailed, as in other times and in other cities, there were the Romans themselves. The Romans were shocked not so much of the looting of many because the roles reversed: once the proud Romans, lords of the world, were defeated, uneducated barbarians Victor. It is for this reason that this event has left a deep imprint in the collective consciousness of Europe. Already in drevnefrantsuzskom epic, and then in the poems Shabarta (1772) Vandals act as destroyers, and when the bishop of Blois, in a speech before the French National Convention wanted to find a suitable expression to express their outrage theft locks and destruction of works of art Jacobins, he indicated that the word 'Vandalism' and thus predestined eternal image of one of the many Germanic tribes, which was no worse and no better than others. Camels store water in the humps. Camels humps accumulate in fat, not water. The fact that they can long without water – up to 7 days, if active, and up to two weeks if the rest – due primarily to the fact that camels do not sweat about (the camel's body temperature should rise to 40 degrees, only then it will allocate the pot). They also return moisture partially lost as you exhale at night, when the camels are sleeping, their nostrils absorb moisture from the air. In addition, camels are very intelligent cooling system: solid hair on the back to protect from the sun, and little hair on his belly through which heat is given in the shadow of the body.