French Academy

After the folclrico moment that did not aim at infancy, came of pedagogical adaptation that focava the infantile public. It had as objective to pass values and standards to be respected for the society and also incorporated by the child. We now see the transformation of these stories, before, of popular literature, now, of infantile literature. The moral is priority in the education, on which Aris (2006) makes note: ‘ ‘ This moral conception of the infancy was formed thus that it more than insisted on its weakness what in what M. Of Grenaille called its illustrious nature, that associated its weakness to its innocence, true consequence of the divine pureness, and that humanas’ placed the education in the first row of the obligations; ‘ (P.

87). The stories written for Perrault were counted for women and have a simple, ingenuous style, candy. But given emphasis the woman in its stories if not only must to this. It happens that Perrault frequentava the literary halls where women if congregated to count to histories and speech of ideal feminists. They were known as ‘ ‘ preciosas’ ‘. However, the position of the writer in its stories is ambiguous, ‘ ‘ therefore, even so it was against the attacks of Boileau, in the Complaint of the old ones and Modern, its stories leave to escape in the innumerable space between lineses manifestations antifeministas’ ‘ (Mendes, p.53).

Any Perrault form it did not forget no form the woman. On this Mendes (2000) it treats: ‘ ‘ When the stories were not written by the women, were dedicated they. Thus each one of three stories in verse, signed for the poet, was dedicated to a lady of the cut whose name was not mentioned. the coletnea in chats was dedicated to a niece of Luis XIV. This fact can not be a test of? feminism? of Perrault, but he is one of the factors that lead to the conclusion of that they had been? precious? the responsible ones for the publication of Stories of the Mother Goose it enters the classics of the French Academy.