Soon takings a photo of the person that you want to enamor you grease, it with glue and you drop to him cinnamon above. 3.Luego, sticks the faced photos, putting in means petals of a red rose. 4. k-report/’>Heart Specialist. Later you must sew with red thread all the edge of the stuck photos and keep them in a flowerpot that has flowers of red color. 5.

Rigala during 21 days in the morning and when watering I gave it the names of the two people. The prescription works whenever it is to attract a person who is free and she is not to harm the feelings of anybody. 9- Enamored with your friend? If you want of is something more friendship between your and it (or it) follows these instructions Steps to follow: 1. It obtains a red tape that it has so many centimeters like your height. 2. It writes in that tape, with a golden labeller, the full name of the person interests who you in five times.

3. It ties that tape to the head of your bed and you do a knot every night throughout nine days. 4. When you do the knot you will have to think about that person. 5. After nine days, you will take the tape and you will make a rollito. You will tie to an undergarment yours or will tie around your waist having done three knots to hold it. 6. When it is broken by the wearing down, the burning fires and you put them to the ashes in a plant that has red flowers. You will have to water it. 10- Tired to wait for the ring, you want it takes that you to the altar? If no longer you want to wait for more for your wedding, proves with this prescription Steps to follow: 1. Pink Consiguer two hearts of cuartzo. 2. It both visualizes hearts representing your pair and you 3. It thinks that they will marry soon. 4. It both places together hearts next to the bed, on a small table at night with a glass of water and a pink lights. Note: The spells were taken from specialized Web sites. nor the author of this article does not guarantee the result of these spells.