Fergana Valley

So we went to the Pamirs – combine two elements in our hobbies. To get to Osh in two ways: having arrived by car and arriving by plane. We went by car. Andrew wanted to see Tashkent and the Fergana Valley. The road lay through Ahangaran, Angren, Namangan and Andijan, which was also attractive, even for myself, who had been in these towns several times.

In the road a lot talked about upcoming plans and decided on the minimum and maximum programs. Gone abroad, and here it is – Kyrgyzstan, Osh, and a few miles from us. In Osh, we were met Mahamadsali, a representative of the "Pamir Ekspedishnc" in Kyrgyzstan. It was evening, and we went to the hotel. By placing Andrew in the room, I accepted an invitation to stay with him Mahamadsali, as he learned that I am a former Oshanin, considered it my duty to show hospitality. The evening was for eating pilaf and talk about our plans. Andrew is a walk through the evening Osh, weary road, fell asleep in the cool air conditioning.

The next day was spent waiting for permits papers and documents. And we do not waste time in vain. Traveled to an area where I lived as a child, went to Mount Suleiman, and of course the "past" in the Osh bazaar. In the evening, having received the documents at hand, we decided to go into the night, as eager to get to BC. Alai Valley night in the car – not the best pastime, but I used to ride at night, did not notice as we crossed the pass Taldyk (3500).