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Chairman) and Richard Malley (Treasurer). Dirk Hulsermann could win a top-class expert of the industry as founding President. Hulsermann worked in various management positions in large multinational companies (such as Kyocera, Mitsui Europe), and has established itself as a specialist of advertising & media industry. Against this background the international en media company neo advertising, succeeded to win it in 2008 as Director of business development. This function Hulsermann promotes the rapid growth of the Swiss neo media group and the company in his quest, focuses on the leading global provider in the segment digital signage to be in: Hulsermann: today marks an important date in the young history of the digital out-of-home industry in Europe. The market for digital outdoor advertising in Western Europe is growing rapidly, by an average 32 per cent (CAGR) annually. Thus the Nettowerbeumsatz with digital outdoor advertising will quadruple by 2012 EUR 158 million (2007) to 626 6 million in 2012.

An industry that such a great future ahead of it, now with the OVAB Europe receives the proper representation of the entire industry. I am very proud that we won such major companies of the digital out-of-home industry for the establishment of the Association. I am grateful for the outstanding trust which fills me with enormous pride-which have elected me the founding members as founding President. I’ll meet like this task on behalf of the digital out-of-home industry with enthusiasm and commitment.” Further information is available at about Ronni Guggenheim: Ronni Guggenheim clothed in the OVAB Europe the position of Deputy Chairman. In his role as President at minicom Europe, the leading manufacturer of last mile solutions for digital signage, Guggenheim has accompanied the out-of-home market from its beginnings and actively shaped. Guggenheim has extensive contacts within the European out-of-home industry and this is for the bring pan-European communication at the Association level.

About Richard Malley: Richard Malley was last employed as a Managing Director at YOC AG in Berlin. He was responsible since its inception for the strategic development of the company and for the national and international distribution. He previously worked at CIAO.COM AG in Munich in the area of international business development/sales. After graduating from the BA international business / marketing in New York and Brussels he worked first at Kynast AG in New York and then at the Emmerson Communications AG in Frankfurt/Main. Richard Malley is responsible for the flatmedia for sales and strategic business development.