In second place on the popularity of stand – oak twigs. Their harvest in June – August, in dark, damp oak. Oak broom is very durable. The leaves do not fall and his lack of attendance at 3-4 baths. These brooms are good for the fans pour yourself a strong heat, warm up thoroughly in the bath. It is a joy For fit and healthy lovers of Russian baths. Just oak brooms are useful for people with oily skin, under his influence the skin becomes elastic. Oak twigs well kept, put them in a cool place and they will be able to persist for several years, and even bolshe.Horosh in the bath and eucalyptus broom.

Its leaves are bright green, dense and does not fade from the intense heat. Broom suitable for only the branches of eucalyptus viminalis. If a broom to put on the shelves, then it will delight you with its aroma of four to five baths. And for those who suffer from a runny nose and sore throat Eucalyptus broom will cure. Just make brooms from the branches of cherries and currants.

They are very soft and from them comes a gentle flavor. Harvest these brooms in early June. And although these brooms are inferior in strength of oak and birch, but they are no less fragrant and very useful for .V Siberia prefer a broom made of cedar, fir and spruce. Foresters and hunters who are convinced that such a broom removes lead fatigue and can get rid of any ailment. Fir, spruce, pine twigs emit a very useful balsamic substances. These brooms can harvest at any time year, but you can cook them just before a visit to a bath. Nettle broom, although the popularity of the broom is small, but steamed them a pleasure: there is a pleasant, slight tingling, the body becomes rosy, with No blisters. In the nettle of proteins than in celery and parsley, and vitamin C greater than the lemon. And on the iron content has no competitors. Procure such wreaths must be at the time of grass and flowering after Easter. Collecting branches must be in dry weather and keep them necessary in the shade. Brooms of mountain ash leaves, tansy stimulate the central nervous system. After a bath you're full of energy and ready to go. Linden broom perfectly eliminate headache, have antipyretic effects, have a diuretic effect and helps heal wounds.