Energy Insulation

Thermal insulation can save up to 30-40% operating costs. it is absolutely necessary in case of system “warm floor” as the primary and only the heating system. In this case the most appropriate use of foam polystyrene plates ppp solid with a hardness of not less than 100 and a thickness of 5-10 cm (if the structure of the floor). Top plates heavy paper, and arranged “floating” screed. The use of such insulation in Energy efficiency systems also required. When the device “warm floors” in existing premises, as a rule, you can not put thick layers of insulation. In this case, the foil insulation material thicknesses 3,4,5,8 and 10 mm. Their use allows savings 12-20% of electricity. You must use only materials laminated on top of foil lavsan.

Otherwise, the foil layer after screed is destroyed in within 3-5 weeks due to the presence of an alkaline environment. On the market are widely distributed as import (Isoflex), and manufactured in Russia – Penofol, folgoizolon and others. As the insulation to “warm floor” is also used sheets of cork and foil. On the effectiveness of these materials comply with foiled, but considerably more expensive (up to 8-10 Euro per sqm). How to choose a “warm floor” When choosing a system to answer a few questions: Is this the main heating or comfort heating What is the nature and characteristics of the room where you plan to install underfloor whether there was sufficient power capacity how” smart “thermostat need some kind of insulation can be placed in a room, based on the thickness of the existing floor, it covers and door sills What kind of heating cable is available for the price.