Dough Product

The recipe of dough. Flour – 3 cups. Sugar – 1 cup. Butter or margarine – 300 gr. Eggs – 2 pcs. If you use unsalted butter, add the dough a little salt. Butter, sugar and eggs in a pan or stir the bowl a wooden spatula until smooth. In this mass of flour and pour batter stir hand.

After 1-2 minutes the dough is cut. If it does warm up the hands, it must be cooled after the cut. The presence of a large test the amount of fat it provides flexibility and crumbly finished products. When reducing the fat, the product will be received by tight and rigid. Partial replacement of whole egg yolk, increasing tenderness and Friability products. The egg can be partially replaced by water, it will increase flexibility, but the taste of products deteriorates.

The best temperature is 15-20 degrees for the test. At lower temperatures, the dough hardens and it is more difficult to unroll. At temperatures above 25 degrees, the oil in the dough becomes soft and can be separated from the main products: a dough crumbles when rolling, and made from a product obtained is very tough. To remedy this dough, it should be well cool, hold your hands in cold water and quickly, within 2 minutes, until dough peremyat plastic state. If the dough becomes pliable, you can add an egg yolk. Thick pieces of dough bad get baked through, so all products should be produced from thin layers of a thickness of 4-8 mm.