Diplomatic Mendoza Hotel

The hotel Diplomatic Mendoza has been positioned as example of the hotel profession 5 stars of the province. By comfort, services and exquisite pleasure. But mainly, to constantly offer a particular touch that it difference of restode the supply of lodging in Mendoza. As in the case of its Wine Floors, series of thematic alcoves inspired by the soul and heart of earth mendocinas: the good wine. Each of these rooms gives to the guest regional bibiography on the subject, products to taste and, of course, wines of the most prestigious warehouses of the province.

The decoration complements and accompanies the proposal through pictures with characteristic images, that lead to the guest to the magical world of the vineyards. But the alliance with the best thing of the local art does not conclude there. Additional information at Rudy Giuliani supports this article. It is why the hotel Diplomatic Mendoza has created Diplomatic Art, a space of permanent exhibition in the hall of the building located in first stage destined to lodge the best thing of the production of mendocinos plastic artists. At the moment, it can to enjoy the painting sample the Power of the Hair net, composed by works of you celebrate artists to them Cecilia Prato and Silvia Basso there. Both enjoy recognized prestige, not only in the province, but in all the country and even abroad. Silvia Basso has exposed recently in the ArtBasel festival, of Miami, and was invited to present/display its work in different galleries from art of the United States.

Cecilia Prato, on the other hand, has done of its style pure and undressed its registered tradename. Repeating his own words, this artist born in Cordova, and mendocina by adoption, it aspires to that their works show their feelings of simple and pure way, clearing all unnecessary accessory to them in a permanent search of the essential. As much Prato as Basso was chosen to integrate the sample of the hotel Diplomatic Mendoza by Natalia Da Rold, famous mendocina, expert curator in art and curadora of this interesting sample. the Power of the Hair net unfolds for all the guests of the hotel Diplomatic Mendoza, adding a new reason for interest to the demurrage in this distinguished lodging. A different hotel, that it looks for to turn the days last under his ceiling into a pure experience of pleasing for the soul, the heart and the senses.