Determine Vekehrswerte At Real Estate Brokers, Architects And Engineers

The real estate market will be close, new fields of business need. The valuation of land and real estate is often offered as a free service. But is the opinion? In particular estate agents, architects and engineers strive to offer with the real estate valuation services, to improve their service or to open up new fields of business. Oral assessments based on experiences are nowadays no longer in demand. Valuations are but time consuming and complicated circumstances. With the software K.IM 2.0 compact real estate valuation for ImmoWertV manages the balancing act between law-compliant precision and time spent, the trial version is free of charge. The focus on the marketing of apartments and houses is obviously no longer sufficient as a real estate broker on the market to assert themselves.

Also architects, civil engineers and surveyors are increasingly looking for a second lucrative foothold. Nothing is closer than the real estate or real estate sales as a surveyor or Qualified to act for real estate valuation. Often created but no extensive valuations be adjusted estimates of the market value. It is with a free property valuation including”. But the service demands of customers and potential customers are increasing.

An expert Office for real estate valuation or even the local expert Committee for land values to instruct the interest is usually low cost reasons, but it should be then already a numerically based appreciation of the condominium or the family home. Oral assessment based on formulations such as “due to my years of experience as a real estate broker” are certainly not wrong, but also no longer needed in many cases. And now, it is often difficult: How do I create a valuation for a property in a very short time, present the result of understandable and clear and work legally after the 1st July 2010 valid ImmoWertV? Already some time ago the company for real estate valuation of the challenge has adopted, to improve the quality of this service for brokers, architects and engineers. The current result is the 2.0 compact real estate valuation software K.IM after ImmoWertV, you can download a trial version on the Internet (online service). With the software for the real estate assessment, you can calculate the market value (market value) of real estate in a few minutes, and present this at the customer clearly calculated. The software dispenses with unnecessary ballast and concentrates on the essentials. An extensive help and documentation within the software is available with help and advice to the side, and we of course! Dr. Bjorn Haack, society for real estate valuation