Cusuco National Park

boys and girls affected by fumes and violence are reported. people still flee at this moment. This story is developing. (Daily time photo) Read more: BRUTAL repression in SPS – updated release of the broad movement for dignity about repression in SPS, 15/9/15 September 2010 the broad movement for dignity and justice to the Honduran people and the whole world informs the day today at 11 A.M. has been repressed violently progress of resistance in the city of San Pedro Sula and until this moment when exactly are the 12 noon the repressive elements of the wild and murderous Government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa are still chasing in the streets of the downtown area in the vicinity of the Museum of anthropology and history where have sheltered from children to the elderly. Read more: release the broad movement for dignity about repression in SPS, 15/9/the police under the command of Hector Ivan Mejia dislodges and represses the ENCAMION Wednesday, September 15, 2010 11: 42 police prevents the entrance to Central Park in San Pedro Sula of the front national’s Popular resistance by throwing gas tear, water and up to toletazos. Earlier, it was reported the ENCAMION requires a true Independenciamas of 10 thousand people, members of the national front of Popular Resistance (ENCAMION), left the Dandy market and leave by 7 Street southbound to the statue of Francisco Morazan, where will make homage to the Central American Champion. Were then installed in the park where there will be a concert seek killers of TATUCO the best RETRACTION of city Latin in SOACHA The affectionate (((alert Bogota))) boss PN expects justice sanctions police assassins Your News Top 5 NEW things to do at Cusuco National Park Jungle Xpedition Tours, San Pedro Sula, Honduras Eco Tours and Travel in Central America, Tour Guides in Honduras I Believe in Advertising ONLY SELECTED ADVERTISING Advertising Blog & Community Samsung: Christ, Sphinx, Statue of Liberty the Zionist murderers of Iraq The sovereign people