Crowdcentric Media

The social media week Hamburg is unterstu? appreciated and supported by a growing network of sponsors, cooperation- and sta? City partners. Organizers are Uriz von Oertzen with his agency hi-life and the Media Manager Nina Bertulli. Von Oertzen: The social media week is international the gro? get and most important events in the world of digital communication. We are proud that we could win the event with our concept and the location in Hamburg. We work at the moment. an exciting program that will have local and international traction” As host, the social media week strengthens the media metropolis on the Elbe for its important position as the site of fu? r the digital economy. Companies like Google, facebook and XING have their seat in the Hanseatic City, Abou? ber, many successful start-ups such as and Bigpoint have been gegru? located. In total, about 120,000 people in u work in Hamburg? about 23,000 Companies in the areas of media and information technology.

2009 Crowdcentric Media LLC. in New York launched the social media week launched by Toby Daniels and his company. In February 2011, the Conference recorded already 30,000 participants at events worldwide, 80,000 attended the Live Streaming. U? ber 75,000 tweets were sent. “Homepage: hamburg with Livestream and library submission of topics fu? r Hamburg: Homepage-Bucon submit event” program Preview: to hi-life: hi-life agency fu? r events and Nina Bertulli are the organizers of the social media week Hamburg 2012. hi-life is u? everywhere at home: u? ber Hamburg, in Germany and around the world. As Agency fu? r events we will make no difference whether customers from music, film, advertising, IT, or from the classic industry. We are looking for new, want to break new ground and are curious about the people we meet here”, so owner Uriz von Oertzen.

Until April 2010, Nina Bertulli was seven years fu? r Warner / Chappell Music in Hamburg as a creative Assistant and Assistant to Managing Director ta? necessary before they are independent in May 2010 as a freelancer? completely made. In the January 2011 she went with a Leonardo da Vinci scholarship of the EU to London fu? r a music Conference to work. There, she discovered the social media week. Contact: hi-life Uriz von Oertzen / Sabine Ewald Neumu? choose 17 22763 Hamburg Tel.: (040) 432 83 916