Construction Tourists

True, the cost of living in these rooms can afford very little compatriots, the bulk of visitors are foreign tourists. But with foreign tourists are not going smoothly. Most interesting would be to increase the flow of individual tourists traveling in small groups of 2-4. to visitors from Europe, but the development of such tourism is impeding the problem of obtaining a visa. After all, Europeans are accustomed to the fact that in most countries, they need only a plane ticket and visa, if necessary, per se, can obtained on arrival. Often the procedure is obtaining a visa to foreigners costing several hundred dollars for each person.

This situation is not conducive to increase the flow of tourists, individuals in St. Petersburg. In city also has a number of large hotels with the number of rooms in each of more than 300. Among them should be made of such giants as the hotel Oktyabrskaya 'Pulkovo' and update 'Baltic', commissioned as early as Soviet era and survived the change of ownership and subsequent upgrades in the late 90's. From this cohort released recently opened hotel 'Novotel'. The distinguishing characteristic of the old hotel is a low cost of living in low season (perhaps one of the lowest in St.

Petersburg). The minimum cost of a standard single hotel room will be from 2000-2500 rubles per day, but the level of service will match this cost: Shower in room, TV, a hearty breakfast (no buffet, fresh fruit and caviar with champagne), the ability to fly bines center with internet access and laundry service for a fee, ATM in the lobby. In general, the ideal solution for cost-efficient trips serving middle managers. Location of hotels too, is hardly a prestigious, at best, a downtown (for example – 'Neptune' 4 ****), where need to travel by subway, bus or on foot to the desired point in the city. In the next 3-5 years in operation is planned to introduce about 10 more class hotels 3 stars and above, with lots of rooms. This solves the problem lack of places, but only partially, since the city urgently needs a cheap hotel room with the number up to seventy and the price rates of up to 3000 rubles. For the construction of these hotels would be desirable to attract investment from the mandatory support from the state to expedite and simplify procedures for approvals. It must be remembered that often the price and convenience of the location of the hotel (convenient transportation), distinctive appearance, comfortable living should be the hallmark of the city on a par with famous landmarks. To date, the city has about 500 large and small hotels, which are busy during the season reaches maximum size. Despite all the difficulties in the near future we should expect an increase in the number of hotel rooms in St. Petersburg.