City Spayer

The last adjustment was made in 2008 which has city Speyer with its regulation on the transport charges and in the city of Speyer by the 06.09.2013, an increase of the current taxi fare Speyer decided conditions of carriage for taxi transport. This enters into force on the 01.10.2013 and thus supersedes the existing taxi fare, which was raised most recently in July 2008. The tariff, which is compulsory for all taxis in Speyer, is increased as follows. The basic price (often also called the touring position price) is EUR 2.30 by almost 9% to EUR 2.50 and lifted the kilometer price by 6% from EUR 1.50 to EUR 1.60. Also the price for one hour waiting time is adjusted from 24,00 EUR to 25,00 EUR upwards, which corresponds to an increase of 4%.

For the first time also a surcharge for greater taxes was included in the collective agreement. In future a supplement from the fifth passenger package of 4.00 EUR. It doesn’t matter whether, then six, seven, or even up to eight passengers are transported. The Transport of luggage, bicycles and animals remains free of charge and no additional fee shall be required from the taxi drivers. The often wrongly required surcharge for paying with credit or debit cards in Speyer taxes is also not foreseen in the current collective agreement, should be not charged thus also. By the way all Speyer taxes to do so are obliged to carry an extract from the Taxtarifordnung and the passenger demand to show. Seven taxi companies with 25 taxi licences are currently registered in the city of Speyer. With the boost the rise in fuel prices can be compensated partially, which makes it hard to create taxi operators until today.

In this respect, the price increase should be welcome taxi entrepreneurs. Due to the legal situation price increases may not automatically pass on to the customer, but are possible only via a taxi fare change. “The service taxi Speyer” is thus relatively cheap. The new taxi fare is located in the National average in lower midfield, as can be seen from a perspective in the existing tariff rules for taxi charges of different regions. The taxi as a transport option for their own customers should be interesting just for corporate customers. So but the possibility a taxi for the whole day (8 hours) for a total of 200,00 EUR, even including the VAT book. Only the base price and the kilometres actually travelled will be added. A craftsman is to get in this price category, certainly not for the whole day. The taxi fare applies only to the duty travel area within of Speyer and concerns only taxi services. Other passenger transport companies, which offer a shuttle service, airport transfer, or sick rides with car rental (with driver) are not affected by the increase. Contact: Norbert lang driving service the cheap taxi alternative in and around Speyer INH. MIEWA UG (haftungsbeschrankt) elderberry road 10 67346 Speyer (06232) 86 96 96 info at