Capsule Speaker

A worthy successor to the X-mini I capsule speaker the 1st generation of the X-mini capsule Speakerwar is one of the smallest speakers in the world with reasonable sound quality and suitable for daily mobile use. This exceptionally popular speaker now has a worthy successor, the X-mini V1. 1. Man erkenntden new X-mini capsule speaker to a slightly modified design. Particularly striking is the so-called “tweeter Lid”. These cover acts as a reflector and directs the tones in one direction.

This intensifies the sound without distortion. Also, the membrane is better protected by this cover when transporting. Also this mini speaker has the familiar rounded design of the X-mini I and II and is completely covered by a layer of rubber, and provides a high quality. In addition, fingerprints remain hidden by this rough surface. The 36mm large speaker provides an output power of 2 Watts for up to 6 hours of running time. The charging time for the lithium battery is according to manufacturer’s instructions only 1 hour. The mini V1.

1 speakers come in the colors black and Red at the same price. This worthy successor of the X-mini I of course also features the Buddy Jack System with the 3, 5 mm jack plug for the pair several X-mini’s. Through this system, you can increase the volume on easy way and produce a spatial sound. The X-mini V1. 1 the manufacturer of XM-I technology PTE Ltdbietet by the excellent technical specifications a very good sound comfort at a fabulous price of approximately 20,–euros. This mini speaker is available already since some time in the Netherlands and is now also available in Germany by the company stocks and imports – IJmuiden Netherlands dealers offered.