Cameron Diaz

The film "Knight and Day", released in theaters this summer and has collected an impressive box-office takings in the U.S., again drew attention to the leading lady – an actress Cameron Diaz – acclaimed in Hollywood after comedy "The Mask". English edition of glossy magazine Harper's Bazaar is interviewing Cameron … Cameron Diaz – stunning blonde with legs kinobogini and charming smile. "People always say, 'Oh, you have not changed, despite the glory, '"- she says, tossing ice cubes into a glass with a cocktail in a restaurant in downtown New York. "But I think that fame just makes us become who we really are." More than fifteen years of World celebrity actress learned one thing: "When the doors open for you, you must be set for a boundary. If you do not have good manners, is great danger that you will use these opportunities indefinitely, and then you show all the worst that you have. I bear great responsibility for his behavior, because I am in front of everybody.

" Today, jeans – it's traditional dress Cameron. "Do not ask me how I steam! "- she laughs, rolling his huge blue eyes and explaining that he had just bought another one in a store across the street. In her hands she holds a large bag from Chanel. Her blond hair is straight, easily fall off the shoulders and a seductive figure in excellent shape. Figure and plastic Cameron Diaz have always been a wonder of the world, but she's working on them constantly.