Bonistics is a relatively new kind of collectible, as the paper money in most states, relatively recent. In particular, in our country, the year of 1769. However, most collectors Russian paper money is the earliest year in collections is 1898. The thing is that the banknotes issued earlier, are of great value, and not every collector has the ability to keep their bins rarities value as good as new foreign car. Today Bonistics is one of the most popular collectibles. What is Bonistics? First of all, the science that studies the history of circulation of paper money and systematization. Collectors notes (or coupons) are called bonistami.

One of the biggest drawbacks bonistics is that paper money requires very careful handling, because the price of the banknote is directly dependent on its preservation. The slightest blot or bend can reduce the price by several times. Also due to this lack of many rare and infrequent bills are often at a very nekollektsionnom form, however, and they have to put into the collection in the absence of other instances. Bonistics Russia can be divided into several periods. For example, the most expensive period is all that is produced until 1898. Very cheap during the time when our country called the RSFSR. One of the most popular is the Soviet era from 1961 to 1991. The most "deceptive" period is from 1898 to 1917, as the bills are not expensive, but according to simple inhabitants are the most genuine rarities which are passed down from generation to generation. The most recent period, this new Russia – mostly bills are not expensive, but has its rarity. Up in one word – if you're going to get serious Bonistics – you should first look at their financial condition, and then choose the "right" time for collecting.