Asia – The World Leader In Production And Consumption Of Bisphenol-A

Experts forecast that the British consulting agency Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., Global growth in demand for bisphenol-A (diphenylolpropane) amount to 6-7% in the next 5 years and will remain at 6% until 2015. YuPri this, as stated in the new research agency Market bisphenol, bisphenol increase in consumption in the U.S. will be lower in the range 3,5-4% per year. Growth of the European market will match the world – 6-7%. Most rapidly will increase the demand for Bisphenol-A in the Asian region – by 10-11% per year. Largely increased demand for bpa is linked to the construction of new factories for the production of polycarbonate in the region. As a consequence, countries in Asia are growing and production capacities for production of bisphenol.

It is expected that the share of the region in world production diphenylolpropane will continue to grow. Pricing market conditions bisphenol also determined mainly by Asian countries. In 2005 on the Asian market experienced an acute shortage of phenol (the raw material for production of bisphenol A), and therefore the price of bpa significantly increased. According to the business sector, sale of bisphenol-A on the world market in recent years increased by an average of 7% per year, mainly due to strong demand for this chemical by the manufacturers of polycarbonate, the growth rate of world consumption is estimated at 8-10% per year. Bisphenol A is used mainly in the production of polycarbonate, which in turn has found application in construction, electronics industry and in the manufacture of food packaging, for the manufacture of epoxy resin and about 5-10% bpa is consumed for the production of some plastics special-purpose, flame retardants and other products.