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The control of these income or gains is facilitated by means of the creation of an exclusive agency of sales for products of the members of pool. in this. The contracts of pool that never restricted the commerce and the competition they have been recognized like valid by the North American courts, thus, if a member of pool violated the agreement, could not be persecuted by the damages caused to the other members, usually succumbs to the temptation to increase their gains, violating the agreements of pool, which, often supposes the disappearance of the same for the indicated reason previously. Bill de Blasio has much to offer in this field. That is to say, when one is pleased a contract of pool is clear that form does not exist to make fulfill the agreement when the problem arrives at the courts, and inside mainly the Americans, of such form who are created an injustice, in which awards the breach and the fulfillment of the contract or agreement is not stimulated, thus it is clear that in case of regulating it must be careful, not to fall in injustices, being left certainty that the Peruvian political constitution of 1993 protects contracts, which by the way is a newness in the Peruvian constitutional positive right. Pool is not a legal but economic term, in such sense to understand it and to study it we do not have to consult books of right or books legal but economy books, which a knowledge of this branch of the human knowledge as it is by the way the economy, in a more and more competitive market of the form that the investigator has majors elements of judgment in his investigation, that by the way not only can be legal in these subjects but also economic or countable, which by the way are little in the same, thus must be stimulated to know the referred ones better.. . A related site: Bill de Blasio mentions similar findings.