American EURO

The commerce of the Dollar of today the Dollar finalized with mixed results the POUND and the EURO registered new minimums moderate the operated volumes were nocturnal Vista hopes that the Dollar consolidates is considered a calm session before the American data that will publish For Friday All the schedules EASTERN (- 4 GMT) 8: 30am, USD Non-Farm Employment Change 8: 30am, the USD Unemployment Rate 8: 30am, the USD Average Hourly Earnings m/m Summary the Dollar finalized the commercial session in New York with mixed results; it fell slightly against the YEN, but it began to appear against the rest of currencies. The Dollar took terrain with respect to the EURO and the POUND when finalizing the day. The currency that today stood out was the YEN; this currency took terrain against the main currencies. Pair DLAR/YEN registered minimums in the zone of the 106,96, and continued under pressure, whereas pair EURO/YEN also fell. With respect to the POUND they registered stops in the zone of the 1,7680, and also it registered minimums in the zone of the 1.7625; the operated volumes were modest. The EURO went up to around the zone of the 1,4400, and registered minimums in the zone of the 1.4323. Both currencies, the POUND and the EURO, took pressure due to the values registered by petroleum, and also the results of the stock market repelled in the market; in my opinion the declaration on the interest rates realised as much by European central bank, like by the Central bank of England, caused a negative feeling.

Although the CANADIAN pair DLAR/DLAR and pair DLAR/SWISSY finalized in rise, the tendency was very not marked; the LOONIE registered minimums this week, soon to surprise and to begin to appear. The great volatileness is waited, but the operators can stay in short with the LOONIE after the data of the NFP that is expected; The data of the NFP are considered that they will be negative, and will probably affect the Dollar. Several analysts consider that the Dollar is being dealt with great technical pressure. The commentaries of Trichet this morning were clear in affirming that the European Central bank will not modify the interest rates at the moment. In my opinion, the weakness of the main currencies can be transformed into a great opportunity so that soon they begin to appear. It remembers that when the expectations reach a final end, the potentiality for a change increases exponentially. Esteem that the Dollar will become stabilized during the night, dice the American data that are expected tomorrow.