Alarm System

If you purchased your car, do not take the money and Protect him from the hijackers. One way to do this – set the alarm. Alarm shall have the following: shock sensor, lock the car engine, reaction to the opening hood and doors. It is also very good if there is feedback. It displays the status of machines on display drive. Great feature – autostart engine. It allows you to start the engine by pressing the Keychain.

It is very convenient in the winter you can warm up the car without leaving home. Close-coupled signaling worse staggered so that the spaced elements of alarm can be placed on various parts of the car. It takes a lot time and labor from intruders. If the machine is away from home or in a closed garage, the siren may not always save the car from theft. But feedback can help. If the car is in the yard, the siren should be powerful, so that the owner could hear it and react. Although the downside is that when a false alarm you have to constantly get up and look what happened. And many cars react to the passing cars, people, and so on.

Therefore it happens that a good sleep with a sensitive alarm is not easy. Very well, if your car a lot of different sensors. Very useful – a tilt sensor. It allows the machine to react to its rise. Therefore, if your car drives fine, and robbers will begin to pick up a car jack to lift them, a tilt sensor will react immediately, and will not allow attackers to leave the car without a drive. If your car is dear to you, then do not Take the money and set the GPS-module. In the case of theft it will show you the location of the machine. Immobilizer to help protect your car from intruders by locking the car. For example, it can block the work of the starter, ignition and so on. Disabling with the card or key fob. You can set the alarm yourself, ask friends or entrust execution of the work of a specialist. Set self-signaling can be when you have the skills in this area. Friends can be trusted only if you know what they are really knowledgeable in this area. But still – it is better to entrust the installation of alarm specialists. Because of improper installation, even the most expensive alarm systems, it may not work correctly. And in some cases, a short may occur, causing the car ignition. Absolute protection against theft is not seen, but the better your security system, the longer the hijackers will suffer. And if they can not open the car for fifteen minutes, then statistics show that they are no longer open auto.