(Online article) – the button in the ear – latest generation: more life quality hearing AIDS cannot replace a healthy ear. But they are increasingly better able to compensate for an existing hearing loss. Modern hearing systems allow listening experiences, which they dared to dream barely ten years ago. With great dedication, was and is working on the task, to improve speech intelligibility, especially in noise. In addition, perceiving could be improved by warning signals and ambient sounds. Each hearing aid contains a microphone, amplifier, and receiver. The vibrations are converted and returned on the receiver (speaker) as amplified acoustic signal from the microphone.

The big box or handheld devices have become obsolete in the age of miniaturization. Hearing of the latest generation use powerful microchips. Thus, the analog electrical voltage signal from the microphone is digitized. These data will be like in a computer processed. They return via the handset then as audible to the ear.

Simpler models can be manually adjusted, others are digital programmable. There are also fully digital hearing instruments, the man either in the or is behind the ear. The hearing aid’s on strike, so the hearing aid dealer takes over the maintenance and repair. Sometimes, just the battery must be changed. fn/lps