Ability To Give Flowers

Flowers have always been a wonderful gift. Nothing so well embodies the friendship and good feelings, as they are. Give flowers at any time. But we must be able to do it. There are rules which should be possible adhere to gift flowers to choose very carefully. You need to know to whom and for what reason they present: man, woman, child, elderly person, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding.

Do not forget that that each person has their favorite flowers and e predpochitaemy shape and color. Flowers are chosen depending on the circumstances. Field, forest, meadow in a bunch of good, but quite out of place at a gala ceremony or admission. In this case, you should choose carnations, roses, gerberas, orchids, gladioli. Pot plants are given only to close friends, and they must present a man.

Equally important is the number of flowers in a bouquet. The bouquet should not be too lean, but not overly large, preferably with odd numbers of flowers – three, five, seven, etc., although in recent years this rule is not strictly adhere to, and under the influence of Western traditions has become possible to give bouquets to anyone, even the odd, the number of colors. For a small apartment does not fit stem and large flowers – chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli. Here, more appropriate gerbera, sweet pea, freesia flowers always wear should be lowered down, wrapped in paper to protect them from dust, sun, frost, heat source. Expand the flowers should be in the lobby, in front or at the door of the apartment.