2002 Onwards

Mike Portnoy on the promotional tour of the album Train of Thought.
In 2002 Launches Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, disc marking the beginning of a new stage in the band with the musical aspect is concerned. This album contains 2 CDs, the first of them with songs like “The Glass Prison”, with a line similar to music in Metallica … And Justice For All, and “Misunderstood”, a song cut psicodelico. The second CD contains the conceptual work “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” 42-minute question about the disruption of the human mind, such as depression and madness. For many fans the second CD is one of the most outstanding work of the band.
In 2003 came Train of Thought, with a much heavier sound than the band’s earlier work, but without leaving his virtuosity characteristic. Highlights of this work is “This Dying Soul, Endless Sacrifice” and the double instrumental theme composed by “Vacant” and “Stream of Consciousness.” I think this CD a “schism” among followers of the band more “heavy” and more “progressive”, but in the words of Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater style is a mixture of both components.
Octavarium is launched in 2005, eighth studio album of the band, which includes 8 items. In the band takes a much less instrumental style, enhancing the composition of the lyrics. The sound of the album is quite “heavy”, but not as much as Train of Thought. The style of the songs, however, is diverse, from ballads like “The Answer Lies Within” to songs with a style perhaps more similar to the first job as a Panic Attack. Highlights of the band to remember the victims of September 11 with “Sacrifice Sons” and the composition of the song that gives title to the disc, with 24 minutes’ duration.
In 2006 the band released Live SCORE work, recorded on April 1 of that year at Radio City Music Hall in New York. It is an album commemorating the 20 anniversary of the band, released as a triple CD and double DVD. In concert the band shared the podium for the first time with a full symphony orchestra for the interpretation of more than 90 minutes of music of Dream Theater.
In 2007 the band released Systematic Chaos which contains many kinds of matter ranging from the sounds of heavy album Train of Thought in “The Dark Eternal Night” to symphonic metal like “The Ministry of the Lost Souls”, and finally the subject LENGTHY, “In the Presence of the Enemies’, divided into 2 parts.
In April 2008, launched a compilation of 21 songs called Greatest Hit (… and 21 other pretty cool songs). it contains a dark side or “The Dark Side” which contains more songs and a heavy metal or “The Light Side” that brings the songs more melodic.

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