World Bank

The men withhold about 78,3% of participation in the job, against 61% of tax of the women to work. (BIRD: 2010) The BIRD still presents, a data set that they indicate that in some African countries the women are almost two times more inclined than the men to be in the informal sector and have two times little chances to have a public job, private or formal. The wage disparidades also are high, but they vary very between the countries, while the segmentation for job sector sample that 70% of the women work in Agriculture, against 64% of men, 6% in small industries, against 13% for men and 23% of women in the sector of rendering of services. The cause of these disparidades is in the perspectives of work very limited, in the differences in the education, the dynamic of being able in the home, and other 0 variable of human capital. (BIRD: 2010) The previous picture and the picture to follow, both produced by the National Institute of Estatstica (INE) strengthen the research of the World Bank at the same time that they disclose that the participation of the women in agriculture, still is greater that the average of searched countries, placing itself in the order of the 86,8%. Analyzing however, the progression of the econmicas activities of 1997 for 2007 we see that the industrial increment gradually goes stealing agricultural man power and inserting men and women in other sectors of activity. However, without important public politics direccionadas to facilitate the access of the women to the public spaces, the economic context will continue to dislocate only the men for the industries in expansion being continued to send to the women the activities little or badly remunerated. But I take care of us it women that daily enters the work market, still thus, we will see that still situations of injustice for the women persist want in its access to the market (type of services where they obtain to accede), passing for wage questions, regimen of work time, professional formation and even in the attainment of specific benefits as maternity licenses.