Trind Cuticle Remover

Depends on moisture content strength and flexibility of the nail. That's why there where the nail plate from the nail bed of leaves (usually at the tip of a finger), the nail becomes brittle and easily foliated. Nail plate seems solid and durable, but it is not less than our skin can be affected by water, heat, cold and detergents. Under the influence of these factors, the nails start to break, dry, and stratify. Therefore, the nails should be protected and regularly care for them. Problems with nails and their decision means TRIND 1.

Dry nails Trind Nail Balsam. Under most conditions Something Rhymes With Purple would agree. Nail Balm 2. Brittle, breaking fingernails, and a layer Trind Nail-Repair 3. Nails that grow too slowly Trind Cuticle Remover + means Trind Nail Balsam and Trind Nail-Repair 4. Dry and cracking cuticles, 'burrs' – Balm Trind Cuticle Balsam cuticles 5. Nail-biting Trind Nail Repair Anti-Bite 6. Dry your skin.

Trind Hand Repair Cream for skin repair dry hands nails is one of the most common problems of nails. Dry nails are the result of insufficient moisture nail plate. Sign of low humidity, frequently, a yellowing of the nails. That moisture can keep the elasticity and flexibility of the nails. With a lack of moisture nails tend to become brittle, peeling and splitting. Brittle, peeling nails, split nails are strong enough, usually contain low amounts of moisture. When nails lack of moisture, they lose their elasticity and, ultimately, begin to break down, peel and split. Stunting Nails grow more slowly than hair. So, a day of hands nails grow by 0.10 -0.15 mm, complete upgrade of the nail takes approximately 5-6 months. Causes slow growth of nails are not as good blood supply to the nail bed and cuticle-growth. To ensure proper growth of nails is recommended to regularly delete every fourth week-growth cuticle. Do not cut your cuticles! You can damage them or make the infection.