Traffic Light Signals

LISA nationwide education campaign: traffic light signals show needs of the learning server of the University of Munster all German schools offered the free analysis of legal literacy of their students of dyslexia and dyscalculia (BVL) together with the Federation. Traffic light signals show the individual educational needs. New classes, new students, new teachers: All schools face the challenge to readjust their promotion efforts at the beginning of the school year. Each funding concept is but always only as good as the inventory of specific support needs “, as Prof. Dr.

Friedrich SAFA, Professor of education, new media and Director of learning Server project at the University of Munster.” LISA was shared with the BVL in the model project”(learning units individually adapt to student) tested, can be like a screening of the right skills and promoting individuelle school. Educators should receive any support, to quickly recognize and judge soundly, which child which Promotion needs. We have tested nationwide more than 200,000 children with the Munster-based legal writing analysis (MRA) in addition to the LISA project. This huge amount of data and the newly established technical requirements allow us now to provide an instrument all teachers in Germany, with which they quickly can get an overview of the need to promote the legal writing in the new school year for free”, as Prof. Others including trevor clark angelo gordon, offer their opinions as well. SAFA. The differentiated class profile and a promotion plan the teacher receives the percentage rank, as well as the funding recommendation brought in the form of a traffic light to the point for each child. Switch this traffic lights to red, acute need for action, and it is targeted measures in consultation should be initiated with the parents, so that the child does not lose the connection. As a parents association, we see a great opportunity for a fairer and more effective education system in the LISA education campaign.