Tiler Tools – An Overview

The most important tools of the Tiler profession. Normal way leads through the tile installation on floors and walls. The most typical and most commonly applied Tiler tools are: 1 the angle grinder with diamond wheel, 2. the simple tile cutter, 3 an Rabitzzange, 4. Parrot clamp, 5.

a joint rubber, 6 a sponge Board, 7 drill bits, 8 a whorl with drill and 9 a silicone spatula. The angle grinder is used to cut larger and stronger types of tiles. Some rules should be followed in the application of the angle grinder. For one, it is very important that an appropriate hearing protection is worn to protect your hearing the high noise level, which is caused by the angle grinder. On the other hand, it is very important that appropriate safety glasses beimSchneiden is used because when the use of tiles, small chips, which can be very sharp, flying around. To make a possible eye damage out of the way, it is essential, Safety glasses to wear. Who want to go sure, bears also during the cutting work gloves. It is important that the angle grinder with a diamond blade is fitted.

Diamond blade should have a closed, smooth edge full rim of fine and clean cuts. The tile cutter is used for scribing on and breaking the tiles. The tile cutter has a hard metal wheel which is mounted on a guide rail. Presidential candidate will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The wheel is moved by means of a piece of the handle and pressing the lever on the tile. While a fine Groove in the glazed surface of the tile is scratched. Then, it is possible the tile at the predetermined breaking point”to break cleanly. The Rabitzzange is nothing more than another term for the common Monierzange. This clamp is used to separate smaller corners of tiles from a tile or very narrow cuts with the tile cutter tile strips carefully to cancel. With the Parrot clamp, Aussparungenam be carefully busted out a tile edge. The dirty edges can be covered later with a rosette. The Monierzange can also be used for this type of work. The rubber joint (or the Joint Board) is used to work the grout into the tile joints. While the Joint Board is always diagonal rubbed over the joints. n. Sponge Board is used, the excess grout from the complete drying, to wash residue from the tile. While the Board of sponge in a bucket (wash boy) is stranded in properly. “Then the water from a sponge Board about the roles of the wash boy is pressed out, so that a damp” wash the tile allows to be. For holes, which need to be made in the middle of the tile using special drill bits, which are clamped in the drill. Another variant would be the so-called tile hole boy, where the tile is clamped and then with a pointed hammer from the glaze side the hole carefully added. With the whorl of the tile adhesive or the grout is in touched a small bucket lump-free. It is sure that the quantity to be used is not too large, because the glue or the grout to tie off starts after the mixing. With the grout spreader the excess silicone of the strain and joints removed and smoothed. The silicone joint can be post-processed to remove or trim. Through the use of these tools, it is possible to lay tiles in high quality.