The Third

The system can be described as follows, built up: it consists of an einschaligen and a double facade area. The single skin area may consist of glass, as well as from other materials and constructions. The purpose of the system is useful, if however the glass to be used as building material for the entire facade. The double area consists almost entirely of glass. It has the shape of a box with any mass, which is stored in the single facade plane. The dimensions of the box are variable depending on the aspects of design and room climate.

He can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. The upper horizontal plane and the front consist of simple Safety glass and the side surfaces with horizontal layout in insulating glass. These represent the separation of box sections, where a space separation would be planned. A sliding window is the space on the side of the box with heat insulating glasses and any frame material. But also an other type of window you can select such as tilt turn Windows. In the horizontal planes of the box and exhaust openings are integrated below and above across to each other, is where the lower horizontal level from opaque or semi-transparent solar cells. The openings are plate-like and fitted with filters in the ventilation openings.

The louvers are equipped purpose individual setting with lever and can be operated mechanically by hand. If a whole glass facade or a facade with glass design is chosen for the single area, this can consist from Sun protection glass and thus function as Sun protection. Otherwise, there is a Sun guard as the third and final component of the system. In the Solar cells are also integrated sun protection device. The so formed disc as a solar module (how construct a glass single fin) the position of the Sun and Sun run will be taken into account with sensors, which. The glass box as well as the Sun be mounted on same principle. The extremely simple structure includes angle profiles made of steel or aluminium, which bear the Sun or the box. The horizontal slices of the box and the load-bearing frame of the shading plate be secured with screws between two angles into each other. Continue to learn more with: McPlant. The room-side window is also held by these profiles.