The Elements

They are created from metal, glass, wood, stone or composite materials. Landings between the marches, as well as balconies, terraces and mezzanine often enclosed with balustrades – guards, composed of balusters. Balusters are the poles, which, along with racks fencing, railing with handrail support and protect from falling from a ladder. Clearly attention to the manufacturer to the railing, handrails, balusters. The importance of these elements stair railings long been known. The best option in choosing the material for the manufacture of today is stainless steel.

In the company's merchant you can always order railings, handrail, balusters, bolt in stainless steel. This is a modern, reliable, convenient. Railings – supporting structure for the remaining elements stair railings. During construction ladder fabrication and installation of handrails paid no less attention than the construction of staircases. Install handrails begins with installation of supporting pillars. Typically, mounting pedestal mount railing used connection types. Constructive mount intermediate (reference) Rack rail – a basis for further installation of the remaining staircase and railings. The main purpose of railing – protecting people from falling.

According to regulatory requirements, as well as conditions of safety moving up the stairs, marches, with more than three steps must be marked by railings. Railings – not only supporting structure for the remaining elements of ladder fences and safety fences and staircases and platforms. Typically, the vertical rails are made, sometimes – sloping. Based on the rules of composition, railings should be combined with all the elements of ladders and fences. For the manufacture of rail use different materials. The main types of rail: metal railings (railings made of stainless steel, aluminum railings, wrought iron railings, banisters of steel) rails, wooden, plastic railing. Often, during the construction of stair railings, banisters practiced manufacturer of composite materials. Handrails are always in sight. They can not hide, but because their production costs to pay more attention. From the outside species depends railing and general appearance of the ladder. The company's specialists are convinced the merchant – the most impressive looking and have better properties namely stainless steel railings. Today the most recommended option – welded rails, because they are ideal for all types of staircases. Prefabricated rails (constructor) – convenient because you can assemble them yourself, thus saving on installation. But such savings in the future may lead to loss rigidity. Therefore, in any case it will be right to turn to professionals. Stair railings have a major protective function. However, in our time, add a decorative purpose, which is the deciding factor. On this basis, we can assume the ladder architecture. A well-chosen decorative fencing emphasize special individuality of ladder structures. Kia recognizes the significance of this. Fences made of different materials, but recently the most widespread stair railings from stainless steel.