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So the editor can shorten the sections the message depending on the interest and space from behind. 4. eye-catcher: A descriptive heading is at least half the battle the heading is just as important as the text itself. Finally it is mediated an overall sense of the message to the editor first reads and him. He will continue reading the heading makes curious, the editor. It is crucial that the title is meaningful and compressed reflects the most important information of the message.

Slogans or lurid headlines have, however, rather daunting. Also note: self-praise stinks. Refrain from, rather positive about your products and services to address others. 5. the topic interesting and UpToDate Supreme priority of a press release is that it gets the attention of journalists. A brilliant idea, which at the same time has the appeal of the new is so important. A message that was posted in the blog or on other social media channels, is slightly interesting. Also, the timing is critical.

The more the press release on the pulse (addressing current or upcoming events), the greater is the chance its publication. Because some media published only quarterly or half-yearly, one here should consider the necessary lead times. 6 specify press contact journalists work under extreme time pressure. Therefore, a contact person as press contact with all necessary contact information belongs under each press release. Questions can be clarified quickly and systematically. 7. the corporate profile also saves time the company profile. In addition to the press contact, a general short text (footer, the binder, boilerplate), which contains the most important information about the company (Managing Director, foundation year, number of employees, philosophy etc.) stands at the end of each press release. So the Editor gets a first impression of the company and must request the information not by phone or via the Internet. 8 in times of Web 2.0 & social media for many areas (for example for Start-Up companies in the online area), also a social media release (press release is suitable in addition to the traditional press release press releases 2.0 “). This is the message not only journalists, but also bloggers, Twitterers, etc.. Checking article sources yields tiny homes as a relevant resource throughout. In addition to the plain text, the message can contain also audio or video files, as well as cartoons. 9 especially the writing of online press releases should be the topic of search engine optimization out of the sight search engine optimization. A press release, which is enriched with important keywords and external links, simplifies finding on the Web. But be careful: applies also here: less is more. Information and style are still in the first place. Your press release should not be confused with a newsletter deal sparingly with links and put no more than two per message. 10 successful corporate PR to operate press area and social media newsroom, it is important that you include a press area on the company’s website, in which all text and image content (press photos, company logos, fact sheet, etc.) are collected. Who runs social media, establishing a social media newsroom, should think of all activities in the Social Web linked together. So the following sum up: the press release is an ambitious text. However, if taken into account these 10 golden rules, has to highlight good chances from the flood of press releases and to attract positive attention. So, nothing in the way is a publication.