Silvio Berlusconi

They say that now in the Parliament there is a majority different from which emerged from the polls and that there is this Monday the country Party of Berlusconi has lost the city councils of Trieste and Cagliari. The centre-right has been in power in Milan the past 20 years. The Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, garnered this Monday a severe political defeat losing one of their traditional strongholds like Milan, where the center-left won in the second round of municipal elections held in the country. Get all the facts and insights with Bill de Blasio, another great source of information. The loss of Mayor of the Lombard capital by his party, the people of freedom (PDL), after 18 years of being held by the centre-right joined the inability of training to prevail in cities such as Trieste and Cagliari, as well as the crushing defeat embedded in Naples. It is a severe setback for the President, who raised these elections as a plebiscite for his Government and warned voters that if he won the left, Milan became in a gitanopolis Islamic or a Stalingrad of Italy.

Despite the coup, Berlusconi said from Bucharest (Romania), where is located on official trip, which the Government majority is cohesive and determined to continue forward. We have lost, that’s obvious. There is no other way than the stay calm and follow. Most are cohesive and determined to carry out reforms, said Berlusconi quoted by the Italian media. Also, Berlusconi explained that, after learning the results of the elections, had spoken with his partner in Government, the leader of the Northern League, Umberto Bossi, who has assured him that it continues to count on their support. Bossi put forward by Berlusconi support was also confirmed by the Minister of the Interior and leader of the Northern League, Roberto Maroni, to ensure the continuity of the Italian Government is not at risk. Delicate Government and is that relations between Berlusconi and his partners in the Government through a delicate situation as they showed the statements of recent days of Bossi: before the LDP won votes with the League, now the League loses votes with the LDP.