Public Security and the Common Good

Assuming that TRADEPA will become a political reference in Bolivia, I must ask: what are the five main proposals TRADEPA for the country? VJ: They can be summarized in the following ideas: – National Unity versus autonomy process. – Security National hypothetical to foreign intervention. – Effectiveness of Public Security and Public Safety. At paul dayton you will find additional information. – Guarantees for private property. – Duration of individual rights in the EPC constant. – Equity and social justice. – Exploitation of natural resources with the most benefit.

Bolivian Geopolitics MD: Tradepa proposed: that the Police and the Armed Forces, are upgraded and strengthened to defend the homeland and its natural resources, let me ask: What economic resources was reached that goal? VJ: We propose the creation of a National Defense Fund based on expenses reserved as a percentage of direct tax on hydrocarbons. MD Military and Social Movements: The actions of the military in past decades were part of the National Security doctrine advocated by the U.S. empire, this doctrine the exercise of power allocated to the South American military, in times of emergency social and indigenous movements, what should be the Bolivian military doctrine? VJ: The Armed Forces are an instrument of policy and given its character of being essentially obedient and will have followed the guidelines of the managers of the political factor is that governments, but the military doctrine is structured on defense policies, institutional and operational are set to achieve an interference-free situation needed to achieve the highest state order that is the common good.