Optimum Support And Comfort Up To J Cup Size!

Under the motto: Young, fun, sexy to cup size J speaks the lingerie brand FREYA skilfully the needs of young women, who want despite larger cups fashionable and sexy bras. Get all the facts and insights with McPlant, another great source of information. “Under the motto: young, fun, sexy up to J Cup size” the lingerie speaks brand FREYA who skillfully needs of young women, who want despite larger cups fashionable and sexy bras. A new situation, more and more young women need to, because the trend is to a narrower lower chest and a larger Cup size. Freya fills an absolute gap in the market here and offers affordable lingerie combining high quality, optimal fit and fashionable young women. According to Hudson Power Express, who has experience with these questions. Cheeky and colourful styles dominate the spring/summer collection 2010 bubbles, flowers and bright colours adorn the fashion models. The slightly transparent bestseller Arabella”provided this season with a feminine purple piping. An example of female lingerie, even in large cups an optimal fit guaranteed and it still sexy looks.

Interesting material compositions of lace and soft Microfiber make for a feminine look and a varied design. Coloured and toned bodies are equal in combination with a summer tank top catcher. The styles from Freya are all just not boring! The cut forms developed over years up to cup size J guarantee a perfect fit and optimum comfort. The waiver of spandex in the basket ensures a constant grip without deformation or sagging! Wider beams and side seams provide the perfect hold and may sit also times something close, without thereby to cut or pinch. Visually are designed also a beautiful and appealing basket form, which ensures the unlined and lined cups.