On December 10 last year I published my first article in this site that wishes to publish them in a generous manner. When completing my first year of doing this which is very rewarding for me, I want this opportunity make my modest and simple commentary on some of the paragraphs of the speech of Mario Vargas Llosa made on 7 December of the year in course in Stockholm. Following paragraphs in particular impressed me much, and cause me great emotion. I think that this paragraph reflects everything that somehow we feel those of us dedicated to this activity. And somehow we can identify ourselves with that. But of course, that levels are of different magnitudes in each case. In my case is as an inviting me to do the same.

Take stories and change them the ending. Exciting and amazing at the same time. Mario says: reading turned the dream in life and life in dream and put within the reach of the bit of man that I was the universe of literature. My mother told me that the first things I wrote were continuations of stories that I was reading because it apenaba me that they end up or wanted to amend them end. And that is perhaps what I’ve spent life doing without knowing it: prolonging in time. While growing up, matured and aged, the stories that filled my childhood of exaltation of adventure writing is a passion that is taken with stubbornness and in which we have to play a little luck necessarily, that reaches more readers what we write. For even more details, read what trevor clark angelo gordon says on the issue.

I think that is what you want to say Mario in this paragraph. And it truly is like a wonderful Vice. Thanks no doubt to my stubbornness and some luck, I could devote much of my time to this passion, Vice and wonder who is writing, create a parallel life where to take refuge with adversity, who returns the extraordinary natural and extraordinary natural, dissipates chaos, beautifies the ugly, eternalizes the moment and makes death a passenger show each story, every adventure we can write with much dedication, truly are as parallel lives to ours that we would somehow live them in fiction.