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Tips how to garden owner who can fight the worm plague. The snails come with the rain. The past weeks have once again clearly too wet. By the rainy weather, the bare horror again threatens the garden owners and hobby gardeners. The worm invasion.

Greedy and slimy she eats again en masse through our vegetable patches. Especially in South Germany again heavenly conditions currently for snails, because here it rained passed very much days in the. Just then, the animals are incredibly active and proliferate. Slugs do great damage in amateur gardens, but also in agriculture. In addition to the destruction of already harvestable products, snails have large appetite for fresh set seeds and young seedlings.

There are a variety of methods and means to snails to resist and to fight them. But what tips really help and what can be recommended? It is equally needed to access the chemicals or are there biological alternatives? Some tips how to garden owner to fight the worm plague. -Pour your garden already in the morning and avoid it in the evening. To reduce the range of a snail significantly, because the soil dries during the day and thus has less moisture in the evening. Snails are nocturnal and need of transportation a wet floor. -Search biological beneficial insects, snails hunt. If you have the option, you can set up in your garden as a small Biotob and attract useful animals. Because the Hedgehog, the Shrew and the mole worms taste and keep the pests so at a distance. Indian run ducks eat Spanish snails for several years it has become fashionable, to keep running duck. Running duck love snails and just can’t get enough of it. -Start snails with Bierfallen. You can buy such traps or build yourself. Filling you the Cup to 2/3 with beer. Make sure that it can not rain in the bucket, protect it with a piece of foil and a few little. The case of beer now irresistibly attracts the snails, they fall into the Cup and can not go outside anymore. There, you can then pick up the annoying and uninvited guests, and if necessary, suspend the neighbors. -The chemicals worm grain to protect against snails. Insert screw grain as early as possible, and however not heaped sprinkle it wide-flat on the beds, to the garden plants. After extensive rain must however to sprinkle. There are more tips to prevent worm infestation on many Guide sites on the Internet.