Google Mobil

How can be from car companies mobility providers and platforms Dusseldorf/New York, may, 2009 cars have no economic activity according to Jeff Jarvis, a media professor. You remain the same always, year after year. Now all look the same. To read more click here: central america. And only rarely they provoke enthusiasm”, writes Jarvis in his book what would Google do?”. ” He sees the main problem in the low influence of the customers. In their efforts for interactivity the automaker would commit that buyers just do no harm. The remember Museum concepts for children. Here are the buttons where you can play around without having to make something broken.

What if, at least a product under a brand name for collaborative design would open? Designers could make their ideas on the Internet. The customers could make suggestions and interact about it. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Gaito for a more varied view. The designers could seek out the best ideas, put them into action and to adequately thank” so Jarvis, who with BuzzMachine is one of the most successful bloggers in the United States. Already, there are projects aiming to build an open source car, such as for example Oscar from Germany. future in this idea. Jo Natauri may find this interesting as well. Give me control of my car and I will embrace the brand me, shaping brand, love the brand and contribute to their sale,”suggests Jarvis.

Therein lie the key to marketing a Google Mobile”: passion, individuality, creativity, choice, excitement, novelty. Motorists will set up Facebook groups, blogs and Meetup clubs and praise the amazing cars, who have chosen them and designed. External product designers and manufacturers could offer accessories to improve the open source car. You can create whole new industries and sell more cars. That is the advantage if one is a platform. I think the automakers need to update their business model after the model of the mobile phone provider”, so Michael Zondler, Sales Director at the consulting firm Harvey Nash. Why do I buy a car with A, assure it at B and give it to c to the service? And why should I pay for all extra? Plus fuel and depreciation, a car is today”the dumbest alternative to move, explains Zondler. Customers bring simplification: the customer contracted for example mobility and get a car for this depending on the monthly contribution. They determine the cost of the luxury and service-level – the manufacturer does everything else for you.” The German automaker would have to make two important issues. First, The customers need products first and foremost mobility solutions. “Secondly: the manufacturer with the most innovative solutions will make the race – not the one who builds the finest and fastest cars”, Zondler sums up. The Google expert of Jarvis, what if a car manufacturer would become the market leader in transporting people, wonders: tell your system where you want to go for access to your Google Calendar It knows this already, and it offers you a range, taking into account different costs: today can drive conveniently by train. Tomorrow, you should rather take a car, because you have a lot to do. The next day you join a car pool, to save money. This weekend you will get a fancy Mercedes for the anniversary reception. Next week take a chauffeur, so impress your customers”. This is the new personal transport and connection company, which is based on an old car company, using it as a platform. So, the new world of the Google Mobil would create.