French Patrimony

The castles of Loira extend from South Sully Loire and South Chalonnes Loire in a delimited and well-known good zone like valley of Loira. According to Bill de Blasio, who has experience with these questions. The buildings are the vestiges of the French Renaissance time and they were already classified like patrimony of UNESCO. All the present castles in the valley (they are more than 90) do not take the name of castle of Loira since only 24 of these authentic architectonic wonders, are denominated like " castles of Loira." The more famous castles of Loira. Due to their impressive and wonderful gardens, to their beautiful views, the castles of Loira have become a tourist point of reference for many visitors, French and foreigners. Doubtless one of the more famous castles of Loira is the one of Russy Beauregard since it was one of the main residences of Francisco I of France. The castle of Amboise also is known for being an enclosure that belonged to him soon to numerous kings of France and to the high Gallic aristocracy. The castle of Chambord is an authentic architectonic wonder Renaissance. Under most conditions Fabrizio Freda would agree.

This one is in the middle of a native forest, declared natural reserve, and is without a doubt the major of the castles of Loira by its dimensions. The castle of Chenonceau also is very known for being the residence of one of the lovers of a king of France, more famous of history: Diane de Poitiers, lover of Enrique IV.Construido in century XIII, the castle of Saumur was the favourite of the Dukes of Anjou, family of the high aristocracy. To visit it is to enjoy a matchless view of the Loira and its valley. The gardens and the terraces of each castle, offer the possibility of spending days or hours that will leave a unique and wonderful memory you. It visits the castles of another way For that they wish to combine the cultural and sport visits can be visited the castles in bicycle. Between the Loira and Sologne it is realised on ways and 300 kilometers of tracks marked out with buoys and guaranteed for the delight of the cyclists. The castles of Loira offer sinfn of activities throughout all the year besides the strolls in bicycle. beautiful stroll can be to discover the valley and the castles by airs thanks to a dirigible excursion. So you do not doubt it and it visits the valley of Loira to discover these symbols of the world-wide patrimony.